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About The Game

   2 to 8 players, Ages 8 to Adult
   Enjoyed at Family Game Night, and by Adult and Teen Social Gamers!
   A standard game takes about 30 minutes times (x) the number of players, but a speed-up option can be implemented at any time that will reduce the remaining play-time by almost half!

The Tower of Mystery is full of light-hearted competition , and is highly interactive, but is not a heavy-strategy game! 
Everyone is actively involved in the game at all times, even when it's not their turn!

If you enjoy a game that's rapidly changing, full of fun and laughter, and has lots of "get your opponent" elements  and "oh my gosh!" moments,  then chances are great that you'll love the Tower of Mystery!  

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The Tower of Mystery!  It's a Hundred Dimensions of Fun!
The Tower of Mystery combines luck and unpredictability with a dash of strategy to make this an exciting, lively game for everyone. 

Everyone starts in the Garden outside the Tower. Travel around the tower's seven levels, take secret passages, and use staircases, in an attempt to visit each of the four turrets in the tower. Collect or buy (or steal from an opponent) a turret token from all four turrets. Once you have all four turret tokens, and have Mystery Cards in your hand that spell the word "TOWER", declare your impending win to the other players and then head back to the Garden!  The first declared player to return to the Garden with Mystery Cards spelling "TOWER" and a turret token from each of the four turrets, wins the game!

When playing The Tower of Mystery, you win by constantly adjusting your game-play based on unexpected events.
This is one of the main reasons that playing The Tower of Mystery is so much fun!  No matter how masterful you think your plan for winning the game is, it WILL be up-ended by your opponents, and the crazy events that occur within the tower.  During the game, players move around the seven levels, up and down staircases, and into the four turrets, landing on board spaces where "things happen". Sometimes a player may get money or lose money, get or lose Mystery Cards, may get to roll the dice and see what happens, might have the chance to swap the location of their playing piece with another player's piece, steal cards or money from other players, or any of many different scenarios and possibilities.

Collecting and using Mystery Cards is a key component to the game.
In addition to the "TOWER" Mystery Cards, there are Mystery Cards that allow you to do nice things to yourself, or to "mess with" your opponents!  There are several ways to collect Mystery Cards. Some ways are free, others cost money. The fastest but most risky way to collect free Mystery Cards is to stay in a turrent for multiple turns. However, while in a turret, players cannot play any Mystery Cards, so they are vulnerable. While in a turret, players can collect up to 3 free Mystery Cards per turn, so even though it's risky to stay in a turret for very long, there's definitely a benefit!

In the Tower of Mystery, everybody is ALWAYS involved in the game!
 Players can play any number of Mystery Cards on any other players (or themselves) AT ANY TIME, even when it's not their turn! This can cause "mayhem" when several players suddenly jump into the action at the same time!  You will have to alter your plans over and over in order to stay ahead of your opponents!  Almost constant player interaction keeps everyone on their toes as the game changes, all the while laughing and having fun every step of the way!

There is the added risk of the Turret Cards.
 Whenever a player ends their turn in a turret, they must draw a Turret Card. Turret Cards may affect only the player drawing the card, everyone in the game, or only certain players.  One thing is for sure: Turret Cards often dramatically change the game for everyone in an instant!  Some Turret Cards are helpful, but many of them cause unexpected, sometimes funny events to happen to some or all of the players in the game!  This is what makes the game so unpredictable and lively, yet entertaining and extremely fun for all!

While money is a component of the game, it has no bearing on winning the game!
 Tower Bucks are a tool in the game, used to buy Mystery Cards and pay penalties.  Being broke is risky, because if a player is completely broke and they have to pay a fine to the bank or a penalty to another player, they lose three turns!  But even when a player loses turns (they don't get to roll the dice and move their playing piece when it's their turn), they are still free to play Mystery Cards, and can be affected by the events in the Tower! 

The Tower of Mystery is a great Social Game for all ages!
Adults young and old enjoy playing The Tower of Mystery when together for their regular social Game Night. Families enjoy it for Family Game Night because it's equally playable (and fair) to the kids and the parents. It is suitable for children as young as about eight as long as they are able to read the cards and know the best time to play their cards. Teens enjoy The Tower of Mystery because it's so unpredictable and lively.  If you enjoy great player interaction, surprises, laughter and fun, then the Tower of Mystery is the game for you!