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Game Rules - The Tower of Mystery Board Game

If you haven't visited the "About The Game" page yet, we would like to suggest that you start there in order to get a "feel" of what the game is like.  If you are specifically interested in the mechanics of game play, below is the Frequently Used Rules card which summarizes most of the major rules in the game.  Four copies of the Frequently Used Rules card are included with each game.  Also included with each game is a complete Rule Book which outlines additional rules, as well as providing more detail, examples, etc.

If you're looking for rule clarifications or have a question about a specific gameplay scenario, please visit the "Tips & Suggestions" page. 

Below is the Icon Key, which describes what happens when players land on the spaces in the seven levels and on the staircases.  It's important to remember that the board spaces are only a small portion of the action in the game - it's not just about landing on a space and doing what it says - not by a longshot!   There is an Icon Key on the flip side of each copy of the Frequently Used Rules card.